Brianna Herlihy, Media Relations Specialist

A Public Relations graduate of Liberty University, Herlihy is a former ADF intern who now works with the ADF Center for Academic Freedom to promote freedom of speech on campuses all over America. Herlihy is instrumental to sharing the message of First Amendment freedom for students with ADF's national audience.

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Montclair State sueed over unconstitutional speech policy, arbitrary favoritism toward student groups

ADF represents campus chapter of Young Americans for Liberty NEWARK, N.J. – A student and a student group represented by Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a federal lawsuit against Montclair State University officials Wednesday after they forced students to stop peaceful, expressive activity without a permit. The lawsuit also challenges the university’s Bias Education Response […]

Montana high school revokes student club’s official status because of religious beliefs

ADF represents students in letter to Bozeman High School, explains school’s violation of Constitution, federal law BOZEMAN, Mont. – Alliance Defending Freedom sent a letter last week to officials with Bozeman Public School District and Bozeman High School after they unlawfully revoked the Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ status as a school-sponsored club. The letter explains that […]