Georgia Tech faces lawsuit for discriminating against MLK’s niece

Student government denied funding to club sponsoring Alveda King event
because she is ‘inherently religious’ like her uncle

ATLANTA – Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing the Students for Life chapter at Georgia Tech filed suit in federal court Wednesday after the university’s student government denied funding for a speaking event featuring Alveda King, the niece of civil rights activist Martin Luther King, Jr., because she is “inherently religious” like her uncle.

The funding is freely available to other clubs for their events, and all students—including those with Students for Life—pay into the fund, but the student government nonetheless denied funding for the event, at which King spoke about her experience in the civil rights movement and how students can continue to protect civil rights today. King is also a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives.

Full news release, quotes, and related media resources available at the following link:

Case Name: Students for Life at Georgia Tech v. Regents of the University System of Georgia

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