Pro-life student group’s lawsuit prompts systemwide policy change at nation’s largest university

ADF attorneys represent Students for Life at Cal State–San Marcos

SAN DIEGO – A federal lawsuit against California State University–San Marcos came to an end Tuesday after the university agreed to revise student fee policies and pay more than $240,000 in the wake of a federal court’s ruling last summer that found those policies unconstitutionally discriminated against views the university didn’t favor. The policy and procedure changes are a result of a federal lawsuit Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed on behalf of the campus chapter of Students for Life.

In 2017, ADF attorneys representing the chapter filed the lawsuit, challenging the university’s discriminatory funding policies used to fund pro-abortion and other favored views while preventing a pro-life organization and its campus president, Nathan Apodaca, from accessing student funding to promote their views. The university funded the Gender Equity and the LGBTQA Pride Center with almost $300,000 in mandatory fees while denying Students for Life $500 in funding to host a visiting speaker on “Abortion and Human Equality” to provide a contrasting view. In August 2019, a federal district court struck down the CSU–San Marcos policy of “back room deliberations” that lead to unequal treatment of student groups and directed both sides to reach an agreement on the policy issues raised in the lawsuit.

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Case Name: Apodaca v. White

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